"I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely outstanding session you conducted with our team. I've already had several proposals from team members of different ways to implement changes in how we operate. I honestly can't think of a better session to get our team back on track!"
– Kiersten McCarty, Osborn & Barr Communications

"I've heard lots of good feedback about the session. I'm even happier to report that several people have asked me NOT to review something they'd sent to me earlier in the week - they want a chance to edit based on what they learned from you. To me, the sign of a great session is when people start practicing the techniques immediately. Our group certainly is."
Lorrie Hecker, American Standard

"I really enjoyed your session at the CoSIDA convention in San Diego. As a journalism major and daily writer/editor of news releases, your session was a great refresher for me. I only wish you had been one of my teachers when I was a student at Penn State."
Cathy Bongiovi, University of Virginia

"Your presentation was downright inspiring. It was a privilege to moderate. I'm going to start sending you some of our newsletters. I think you'll find them worthy of your refrigerator."
Glenn Demby

Your presentation was better than sitting by the pool! Wish we had you at Yale."
Steven A. Conn, Yale University



– Comments from an IABC Business Writing Seminar in Toronto, Oct. 5 & 6, 2007

– Comments from IABC international convention evaluation forms

"I wanted to thank YOU for your great presentations. Your name has popped up many times on the general survey forms as the most beneficial part of the conference. Kudos to you!"
– Brad Quarberg, CASE V

"I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely outstanding session you conducted with our team. I already had several proposals from team members of different ways to implement changes in how we operate. I honestly can't think of a better session to get our team on track."
Kiersten McCarty, Osborn & Barr Communications

"Today's seminar was excellent. Someone suggested you create a seminar that focuses on trade publications. I agree. You'll find receptive – even hungry – audiences."
Bill Bucy, Staff IndustryAnalysts

"You wowed the audience again at our Business Writing Conference. Some audience members offered comments on your presentation:

– Chris Grossgart, IABC

"On behalf of the MMPA, I'd like to thank you for offering such a well-received seminar last week. I have heard nothing but rave reviews!"
Cindy Christian Rogers, Minnesota Magazine and Publication Association

"Wow. What a nice write up. And all of the wonderful things people have to say about you and your work … fantastic! I could easily hear the echoes of my own experiences in their words, and it was great fun reading about your exploits! I loved your courses. In my experience, you are unrivalled as an instructor. I tend to "rate" professors by the degree to which they challenged my thinking and challenged me to enhance my skills as a writer, presenter, speaker, etc. You are in a league of your own by that standard, and you added one other dimension no professor I had even though of addressing – you made me a better listener."
Jeff Brooks, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Florida State University

"Thank you for the refrigerator journalism class (May 25, 2005). In my first days back at work I've been planning assaults on refrigerators throughout Arizona. Your class changed the way I see journalism and my readers will be better served. Thanks."
J.D. Long-García, Managing Editor, The Catholic Sun

"Thank you for all your wise words of experience and guidance that you presented in such a entertaining fashion. Your presentations were the highlight of the convention for me. Thank you for making the time to enlighten us."
Betsy Newport, Media Specialist, Office of Billiken Media Relations, St. Louis University

"Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us at the CoSIDA workshop. Your seminars provide valuable insight into our craft, and your writing wisdom also has 'pass-along' value as we teach our student assistants and, in some cases, our classes."
Tom Lamonica, Illinois State University

"Just a note to say thanks so much for all your efforts at reviewing Habitat World! I really enjoyed listening to your tape – and yes, I did listen alllll the way through to the end. I was never bored! So much good information, so much for us to think about. I really can't wait to start implementing some of these things asap. … I loved your comments about design and legibility – I can't tell you the battles I've fought around here about that. Finally, maybe they'll listen. You know, the consultant from out of town always knows best!"
Milana McClead, Habitat for Humanity

"Thanks for participating in the PICA 2000 workshop last week in Kansas City. You did a great job for us, and your passion for your craft came through beautifully."
Bob Palmer, Armed Forces Insurance

"Thank you very much for the well-presented, interesting, exceedingly useful grammar and writing sessions at the Folio Show. I came back with lots of good ideas and rules to give to our editors."
Sue Bryant, Proofreader, Sky & Telescope magazine

"I sat in on two of your sessions at the Folio Show, and I must tell you that I'm so pleased I did. You were excellent, and your knowledge of writing and grammar is commendable. I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to tell you. I also found your handouts very useful. I would like to know if you have any other 'Ranly's Rules' gems and if they can be made available to people other than your students."
Tammy McCausland

"Another home-run presentation! I never tire of hearing you speak, and I always learn something new. Thank you making time to present to our group. It was an honor and a privilege to have you present. I have heard many speakers throughout my professional career, and you are one of best, if not number one!"
– Barbara Payne, Director of Public Relations, Columbia College

"On behalf of the Fraternal and Communications Sections of the National Fraternal Congress, I want to thank you for your presentation to our midyear meeting. Your presentation received the highest rankings in our evaluation with many begging for a return engagement."
Barbara A. Cheaney, Vice President, Communications, Catholic Life Insurance

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for reviewing our News@Work and making such constructive suggestions. We have incorporated many of those changes in this latest edition. … It was wonderful to re-learn so much of what I had forgotten over the years in your workshop! I know our readers will be pleased, too."
Sally O'Connor, Editor, News@Work

"Thanks, thanks, and ... thanks once again for a superb experience. I didn't see one evaluation that didn't have ‘excellent’ marked. ... I received many wonderful comments about your sessions."
Anne Davison, Manger of Communications, Xplor International

"Thank you very much for making the trip to Austin this week. We have received only positive feedback about your presentation. I am excited about implementing Ranly's Rules and look forward to receiving ‘bright, tight’ copy from our contributing editors."
Janet Hunter, Editorial Director, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

"Thanks so much for your very informative (and entertaining) presentation yesterday. I have heard so many good things about your teaching, and now I understand why."
– Mary Jo Banken, News Services, University of Missouri

"What a treat for your audience to see you present at the Big XII Development Conference. Your presentation was outstanding. Every person left the room saying their entire staff would have benefited from your remarks. We tried to tell them you are the BEST!"
Linda Sowers, University of Missouri

"Thank you for participating as a speaker at the recent Xplor Leadership Conference in Manhattan Beach. The comments from the sessions were:

– Barbara Oswald, Administrator, Member Services, Xplor International

"Your presentations were great – and well-received. Hard to believe we went five years without having you at a convention."
– John Heisler, Sports Information Director, University of Notre Dame

"I wanted to take this quick chance to let you know how wonderful your two talks were. I was in awe of the zeal and excitement with which you speak … you truly love what you do, and that is refreshing."
Lisa M. Cascio, Assistant Director of Sports Information, Old Dominion

"One of my teammates was in your seminar this past week at City Place in Dallas and came back completely energized. I hope you know that you have a real following here at The Associates and have had such a wonderful influence on the way we view our communications."
– Anne Young, The Associates

"I think our audience especially appreciated your entertaining presentation style, the perspective you related about the role of publications inside corporations, and your great array of wisdom and advice built around the theme of 'refrigerator journalism.' The critique at the end was also very insightful and helpful. All in all, I thought it was a very professional, polished job. When I grow up and become a college professor sometime, I want to be just like you!"
John Gerstner, Manager, International Communications, Deere & Company

"I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the seminar. I'm still getting e-mails from our editors, pointing out new things they've tried in their newsletters at your suggestion. And, I have to admit, they've been writing more and paying more attention to the finer points of grammar."
Marjorie O'Leary, Communication Programs Specialist, OSRAM Sylvania

"Loved your presentation on refrigerator journalism! I'm so glad there are journalism professors out there who are embracing the emerging technology changing the way news is delivered."
Kimberly Jordan, Editor, Mealey Publications

"I can't tell you enough how much everyone enjoyed your presentation. In fact, I've had some inquire about having you speak at other conferences. You may have a whole new list of potential clients! Again, thank you for your time and presentation. I'd love to repay the favor anytime!"
Wendy Knorr

"Don, I know SPJ wasn't your usual type of program, and I really appreciate your willingness to participate. Your program received comments like, 'way to kick off the workshop,' 'bring him back,' and 'it re-energized my creative juices.' I'm glad things worked out so you could join us."
Julie Grimes, SPJ Director of Education and Programming

"Thanks again for conducting a great seminar. We've received very positive feedback from the attendees."
Bob Jordan, Quorom

"The time spent on writing with Don Ranly was one of the most exciting experiences of my life – in no small part because of his wonderful passion for the printed word."
Lucinda Smith, Assistant Managing Editor, Boston Globe

"Your Advanced Writing Seminar was superb. As I start my first day on the job equipped with new-found knowledge, I feel like a person with new glasses. A person who didn't know she needed glasses. …Thank you for a splendid three days."
Jan Coppersmith, Project Director, Pacific Bell, San Francisco, CA

"You were terrific! You set just the right tone for the start of the conference. During the next few days, we heard the expression, 'As Don Ranly pointed out …,' more than a few times from more than a few people. They got your message – and I think that's about the nicest compliment anyone can receive – when people take your message and make it their own."
– Jane Shannon, Vice-President, Citibank, New York, NY

"I want to compliment you again on the outstanding job you did for the PRSA writing seminar. The sessions served to sharpen my attention to detail and to underscore the importance of benefit, customer-oriented writing."
Suzette Heiman, Director Client Service, St. Mary's Health Center, Jefferson City, MO

"Your day-long presentation was, in a word, noble."
James H. Mayes, Director of Publications, Amoco Corporation, Chicago, IL

"Asking you to speak at the Annual Assembly was certainly the smartest thing I've done lately. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your session, and I'm sure the standing-room-only crowd and the reception you received left no doubt in your mind as to your impact."
– Virginia Carter Smith, Vice President, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, Washington, DC

"Your session at the Executive Marketing Institute on writing effective copy was an inspiration! I wish your session could have lasted longer. You gave me so many useful tips. I've been sleeping on my notes hoping osmosis starts working! Thanks again for a great session."
– Victoria M. Popp, Marketing Manager, Catholic Federal Credit Union, Saginaw, MI

"I saw the conference evaluation forms, and your presentation won top ratings from all of the respondents. You have a wonderful way of delivering insightful and useful information about writing – and delivering it with such charisma and caring that your participants are ready to go back and apply it to their jobs."
Kathy Fogle Huffman, Conference Publicity Director, IABC/ Florida Suncoast Chapter

"You were terrific as always. ... Your sessions both received wonderful evaluations. ... I've said it before, and I'll say it again – you're the absolute best there is!"
Gail Cookse, Vice President, Manager of Public Relations, Texas American Bank, Fort Worth, TX.

"Thanks ever so much for your truly outstanding presentation to the American Jewish Press Association Editorial workshop last week."
Robert A. Cohn, President, American Jewish Press Association

"We had fun too. You stimulated our thoughts, our creativity, our fraternity. Many commented on how good it was to get together with people from different agencies in a seminar like yours; that doesn't happen very often, and I think people were surprised at how much they enjoyed it."

"You did a lot to draw that out. You have a superb way of presenting your material with enthusiasm and energy. You made us love English again, and that's a love that needs to be stirred and kindled from time to time. Thanks for sharing your passion as well as your knowledge. You do your stuff well."
Edith Bajema, Christian Reformed Home Missions, Grand Rapids, MI

"Your seminar was absolutely delightful. I can recall no two days of college during which I learned more. Better still, you are positively inspiring! ... Thanks, Don, for such an informative two-day sabbatical. Your enthusiasm and pride are infectious. I've caught the bug."
John D. Phillips III, Consultant, Continental Public Relations, Toronto, Canada

"Congratulations on receiving the highest ratings of all our conference speakers!"
Joanne Milberger, Director of Education, International Association of Business Communicators, San Francisco, CA

"Seventeen of the 24 registrants submitted evaluations for your program. On a scale of one to eight, with one being low and eight being high, you received an average response of 7.77! This is the highest rating a speaker has ever received on one of our programs, and I congratulate you heartily! Please read through the detailed comments; you certainly deserve all that praise!"
Barbara D. Roos, Conference Program Developer, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Washington, DC

"Thanks Don … for a stimulating and instructive day. It's a rare treat to be involved with a person who really knows his business."
William L. Gorman, President and CEO, Gorman Publishing Company, Chicago, IL

"Your presentation today for the Women's Network was splendid!"

"The 'so-what' value of your remarks was highly positive as was shown by the response from your audience. I am so pleased I was a part of that audience!"
Joan Foster Menser, The Women's Network, Columbia, MO

"I thought your Service Journalism presentation on Nov. 20 at the SNAP conference in Chicago was outstanding! You had the best session at the event."
Anthony E. Snyder, Fraternal and Communications Coordinator, National Fraternal Congress of America

"A month after your visit to our IABC Chapter I am still getting incredibly positive feedback about your seminar. It was, indeed, outstanding. Thank you so much for coming."
Lisa Block, President, IABC, Arkansas Chapter

"On behalf of the entire CRMA group, I want to thank you for your outstanding presentation this past weekend in Kansas City. It was truly quite enjoyable and very enlightening. We heard from several folks after the presentation on how valuable they thought your remarks were."
C. James Dowden, Executive Director, City & Regional Magazine Association, Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for a job well done. You were the star of the show and it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you this weekend. Overall, I think the OPRA Summit program was excellent and you were a big part of the success."
Chuck Menke, United States Olympic Committee, Media & Public Affairs

"Thanks to you for giving me personally an extraordinary experience outside my usual nose-to-the-grindstone type of day. For me, the seminar was so energizing and reminded me of what I liked to do and was good at before I started being a drudge. I'm going to try to get back to more of that writing stuff."
Patricia Housh, Pat Housh & Associates

"I can't pay you a higher compliment than to say that your visit has prompted us to view the way we communicate. What a feat! I hope we can do it again sometime. If we ever get the publication off the ground, we'll be calling!"
Angie McCoy, Internal Communications, Kimberly Clark

"Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure attending the seminars you recently conducted during the Magazine Association of Georgia (MAG) conference in Atlanta. As an up-and-coming conference speaker, I am always amazed at how you captivate and entertain an audience of your peers."
Michael J. Pallerino, Editor, Swimming Pool/Spa Age

"Thank you for speaking at our 57th Annual Conference and Exhibit in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Your contribution to the success of this year's conference is greatly appreciated. You will be interested in knowing that your session received an excellent rating of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale."
Patrick B. Stinson, Executive Director, National Employee Services and Recreation Association

"I really enjoyed your presentation at the CASE editors' forum in St. Louis last week. It was filled with all sorts of helpful information and ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts."
Jeff McClellan, Editor, Brigham Young Magazine

"I attended your pre-conference session at the Ragan conference in Chicago and was greatly impressed. I came away with numerous ideas on how to enliven my publication."
James N. Lynn, Manager, Print Communications, McCormick & Company, Inc.

"It may surprise you that the Detroit chapter of IABC would have you visit three years in a row, but it's no surprise to me. When it comes to teaching writing, you're still the best."
– Jim Bright, Corporate Communications Program, Ford Motor Company

"Quick note to say how much we all enjoyed your presentations. I prepared evaluation forms as a follow-up and they were all extremely positive."
Bernie Rotundo, Opus Communications

"Thanks so much for presenting at our IMCA one day seminar in Schaumburg last month. The feedback surveys we distributed after the meeting have been reviewed, and we received very enthusiastic comments. Your workshop received very high marks, and was one of the reasons for the seminar's overall success!"
Janet L. Moore, President, Insurance Marketing Communications Association

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation in Springfield on October 31. Forgive me for not filling out the questionnaire, but as you know, the letter of appreciation says so much more than check-the-box surveys. If it helps your data compilation, put me down for 5's in all categories."
Dave Wilkie, KYTV Production

"Thank you for coming to the CoSIDA Convention in Portland. Your presentations – I'm including your session in Nashville in 1986 – are lively, entertaining, and very (damn) valuable. They've been the best workshops I've attended at a CoSIDA Convention. I hope you'll join us in Kansas City next summer."
Ken Ries, Colonial Athletic Association

"Be assured that your talk established just the right tone for the conference. Its reception was excellent, according to our evaluation sheets."
Gilbert H. Martin, Director of Communications, American Academy of Dermatology

"You certainly were a big hit with all the BH&G kids! The department heads are all clamoring to get you back for sessions with their editors."
David Jordan, Better Homes and Gardens

"Thanks a million for the fantastic seminar. I shared your notes with my staff with great expectations. Hope you'll be in Nashville again sometime."
Dave Sun, American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives