Two-Part Grammar, Style and Usage: One-Day Program

Part I: Mastering Correct and Consistent Punctuation

Part 1 of Grammar, Style & Usage will cover basic sentence structure and will demonstrate how knowing grammar and syntax will make it easier to apply consistent rules for using commas, semicolons, colons, hyphens, apostrophes and dashes. Learn to write and edit correctly with confidence and how to explain your editing to others. Become your local grammar guru.


Part II: Mastering the Pronoun and the Verb; Consistent Style and Correct Usage

Part 2 of Grammar, Style & Usage will concentrate on the pronoun (number, gender and case) and on the verb (tenses, voices and moods). You'll review the participles, gerunds and infinitives and why it's so embarrassing to use them incorrectly. Finally, you'll rediscover the importance of a stylebook and ways to remember correct usage.