Ranly On Writing: One-Day Program

Reinventing Print

Let's pretend - that we are at a cyberspace convention and someone has invented a thing called print and a way to package it on a thing called paper. Why and how would we use it? How would we use what we have learned from the computer and the Internet?

We will discuss how to:


Writing Right, Tight and Bright

There are no dull subjects, only dull writers. You can't write about everything lightly, but you can write about it brightly. Learn to stretch the limits of your creativity within the boundaries of credibility.

We will discuss how to:


Selling the Copy: Writing Headlines, Captions and Blurbs that Grab Attention

Today's readers are better described as skimmers and scanners. The story is the last thing and least-read thing on the page. Make headlines, captions and blurbs an integral part of the writing and editing process.

We will discuss ways to write:


Service Journalism: Presenting Useful Information in the Most Usable Way

In today's microwave world, in-a-hurry-readers want practical information presented in the most efficient, handy way. Learn the techniques of "refrigerator journalism" - present information your readers will clip and stick on their refrigerators or bulletin boards.

We will discuss how to: